Tea for the literati

Ever wanted to have a cup of tea with Jane Austen or F. Scott Fitzgerald? Until you can get your hands on a time travel machine, Literary Tea is the next best thing. Our certified organic tea is inspired by literary geniuses, each blend is unique to the writer and is the perfect accompaniment to reading their works. What better way to enjoy Hamlet than with a cup of William Shakespeare?

Although our literary branding is what often catches the eye at first, we aren’t just a pretty face. We only use high quality tea and all natural ingredients (no added flavours!) so each cup is a sensory delight. From the moment you open the tin and smell the whirlwind of aromas, to the very last delicious drop, you’ll be on a journey of creativity and inspiration.

Our teas are hand blended and packaged in Australia with a lot of love and passion.

3 thoughts on “Tea for the literati

  1. Jennie Orchard says:

    I was with Louise Owens at the Children’s Bookshop in Beecroft today and saw your beautiful range of teas. What a wonderful idea! Great gifts . . . I hope your business is doing well.
    I’ll take a couple with me to the IBBY conference in Auckland on Wednesday and will show them around.
    I’m involved with Room to Read, a global nonprofit which focuses on literacy and girls’ education. I led the team which established the fundraising presence in Australia but am now working with writers and journalists who promote the organization in a variety of ways. In the US we have had a partnership with the Republic of Tea. At some point we should perhaps chat about possibilities here! In the meantime, I will spread the word . . .

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